The SDI Workshop brings together scholars working on a thematic issue within Sustainability and Development. While we aim to attract the best and brightest scholars to submit an abstract for consideration, we prioritize representation from scholars from LMICs (indeed many of whom would not be able to travel to an in-person conference but can participate remotely and without charge in this opportunity).  The SDI Workshop brings scholars together to share and strengthen their work, in order to work towards a cohesive and rigorous special issue proposal for publication consideration at a top tier journal.  

Workshops are limited to 20-25 participants, and are held over 2-3 days (for no more than 2.5 hours per day). One or two keynote speakers will also be invited to present. Workshops are open to observers, who may be invited to submit a paper for consideration as part of the special issue as well, pending space in the proposal and the paper’s fit within the proposal as shaped by the main workshop papers.

SDI Workshop 1: Everyday Adaptations to Climate Change.” 

We are developing 2-3 additional workshops for the 2021-2022 academic year.