FLARE’s decision support tools: The Livelihood and Wellbeing (LivWell) and Community Forestry (CommFor) Tools

Friday, October 11th 3:00pm – 5pm

  • J.T. Erbaugh, Dartmouth

This workshop is for academics and practitioners interested in measuring livelihood and wellbeing at the household level, especially in order to gauge the impact of a project intervention. The workshop leaders will provide a “hands-on” introduction and training for the FLARE Livelihoods and Wellbeing (LivWell) Tool and the Community Forestry (CommFor) Tool. The LivWell tool provides a streamlined set of questions, implemented using an app-based survey, to measure the household livelihood and wellbeing. This platform provides a set of basic parameters to assist in the basic measurement of livelihood and wellbeing for different geographic areas as well as impact estimation from a given project. The CommFor tool is designed to allow users to collect data on community forests and users, and view how and where their community forest stands in relation to other community forests in their country or in the world.

By the end of this session, we envision that each attendee will download, be familiar and comfortable with the tools; will have a draft Work Plan for implementing one or both tools in their own data collection settings; and will be able to contribute feedback on how we might improve these instruments for future use.


The need for and design of the LivWell Tool and CommFor Tool (Presentation)

LivWell Tool: Interactive tour of the platforms

CommFor Tool: Interactive tour of the platforms

 Overview of a draft Work Plan and sampling basics on a budget

 Break-Out and Individual Consultation: Developing your Work Plan

Conclusion and Feedback

  • This workshop introduces attendees to the FLARE LivWell and CommFor tools and trains them on using it for their own purposes to collect, download, visualize, and analyze data for measuring household livelihood and wellbeing.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Register for and use the tools, from downloading the app-based survey, querying data online, and using the visualization and analysis platform to receive preliminary results
  • Draft a Work Plan to implement the tools in their own sites, focusing on maximizing survey dissemination given budget constraints, writing a sampling protocol, and planning for an enumerator training
  • Provide valuable feedback to the FLARE Team on improving the tools and become part of the FLARE Tool User Community