Session A

Workshop A1 (CANCELLED)

Doing no harm? A discussion of ethical challenges and safeguards for researchers “in field" (Steinert) (CANCELLED)

Workshop A2

Factor mapping: A participatory workshop for embracing the complexity of sustainable development (Valcourt)

Workshop A3

Best practices in case study use for sustainability and sustainable development education (Wagner)

Workshop A4

Life cycle assessment (Xu)

Session B

Workshop B1

Understanding the data curation choices behind the indicator: SDGs and LSMS-ISA measures of progress (Wineman, Gourlay)

Workshop B2

Sharing research for impact (Agrawal)

Workshop B3

R for beginners (Bhattarai)

Session C

Workshop C1

Long-run analysis of SDGs linked to the food-environment-energy using open-source economic modelling (Baldos) 4-6pm​

Workshop C2

FLARE’s decision support tools: The Livelihood and Wellbeing (LivWell) and Community Forestry (CommFor) Tools (Erbaugh)

Workshop C3

Quantitative analysis: Metanalysis (Ibanez)

Workshop C4 (3-5:30pm)

Co-creation in humanitarian innovation (Smith)